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Version History

Postby admin » Sat Nov 06, 2010 7:45 am

version 1.3.6

WARNING : 10.5 minimum required

    This version is fully qualified for 10.6.5
    Removed old log features replaced by Apple System Logger (ASL),
    Script created by default with activated ping option to see if the server is reachable,
    Used new SOLogger class to log application events,
    Used new TinyPing framework instead of the script file,
    Used new NiftyFeatures framework 0.7
    Fixed bug : The localization folders for French, German and Italian are re-named. (for Snow Leopard compatibility)

version 1.3.5b - beta version - never distributed

WARNING : 10.4 minimum required

    This version is fully qualified for 10.6.2
    Fixed bug : The Perl script to perform the PING is removed and is replaced by
    Fixed bug : The localization folders for French, German and Italian are re-named. (for Snow Leopard compatibility)

version 1.3.4

WARNING : 10.4 minimum required

    This version is fully qualified for 10.6.2
    Fixed the method that is used to know if your server is reachable or not,
    Added an hidden option for choose a custom script for make the ping, (see documentation)
    Fixed an issue into the method to exit the application automatically when the last volume is mounted.

version 1.3.2

WARNING : 10.4 minimum required

    Removed deprecated cocoa method and 10.5 optimized,
    Fixed minor interface bugs,
    Added new implementation to save new scripts with the POSIX authorization 600,
    Added the systematic use URLs instead of filenames,
    Added localization for German and Italian,
    Added new implementation, based on tips for viewing the password if the preference option is enabled,
    Added control input required for the fields FS Server Type and Server Name,
    Added key Minimum system version with value 10.4 in Info.plist to prohibit the launching of the application with an earlier version of the operating system,
    Updated documentation for English and French languages and added new documentation for Deutch and Italian languages
    Used new NiftyFeatures framework 0.6.4,
    Used Growl framework to send you notifications.

version 1.3.0

WARNING : 10.4 minimum required

    Created new icon for application and his script file,
    Added feature to mount your favorite volume with delay,
    Added feature to specify number of attempts to mount your favorite volume,
    Modify implementation of launching script file,
    Added feature to ping server (to check if it's reachable) before mount volume,
    Added buttons 'Launch it!' and 'Apply Now' available into configure script window,
    Bug fixed in the printing function of log,
    Bug fixed when user chooses Open Recent script file and he don't wants to launch it,
    Used new NiftyFeatures framework 0.6.1 and new MacPAD.webloc file to check for update,
    Modified shortcut to open script file without launch it: hold down Command key + open file.

version 1.2.0

WARNING : 10.4 minimum required

[list=]Universal Binaries first version.
Fixed bug when user and/or password contents special char (i.e. @:/...)
Add 'Check For Update' and mail module for user want to send me feedback about AutomountMaker.

version 1.0.4

WARNING : 10.4 minimum required
    Non official Universal Binaries first version.

version 0.9.8

WARNING : 10.3.9 minimum required

    Change of the extension of script files: '.amsf' instead of '.ams' (in order to avoid a conflict with certain Adobe applications)
    Possibility of updating script file: hold down 'Option key' when the user opens a script file,
    Fixed bug when the log is printing,
    Added export log functionality,
    Added protection mode to launch script file only with computer who created it,
    Added application preferences module.

version 0.9.7

    Last version compatible with Jaguar,
    For SMB filesystem: added domain name or workgroup for user connection,
    Better management of blank volume name in the configuration of the filesystems of the type SMB or AFP. In this case, AutomountMaker presents a list of possible volumes.
    Fixed bug when the log is printing. Left margin is not define.

version 0.9.6
'Quit' option has been optimized.

version 0.9.5

All the project was built with gcc 3.3,
Addition of a test at once ' Name of the volume' to add one automatically '/' if this one is not define.

version 0.9.4
First version used in production.
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