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version 0.4.C

An NTP client with special options.


zntpdate v0.4.12
Written by Jean-Michel Marino (
This tool is like ntpdate but I added a feature to make an offset before set system date
and time. It is particulary interesting when your system is configured without TIMEZONE
and when you could not set nothing else but GMT0.
If you are localized into an European Summer Time zone don't forget to set -E option so
than one hour will be automatically added in summer.

Usage: zndtpdate [options] host
 host         hostname or IP address of NTP server
     -o v     Specify the NTP version for outgoint packets as the integer version,  which
              can  be 1 or 2. The default is 3. This allows ntpdate to be used with older
              NTP versions.
     -O[+-]n  Offset to add before set date, indicate +/- value.
     -E       Enable automatic correction for the summer time.
     -d       Enable the debugging mode, in which zntpdate will go
              through all the steps, but do not adjust the local clock.
     -s       Divert logging output from the standard output (default) to the system sys-
              log facility. This is designed primarily for convenience of cron scripts.
     -v       Verbose mode. Information useful for
              general debugging will also be printed.
     -h       Show this command summary.
     -V       Show program version.

     How to add automatically 1 hour in winter and 2 hours in summer time?
              zntpdate -Ev -O+3600
     How to test znptdate without change date and time of your system?
              zntpdate -dv