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version 0.5.4

WebKit-based browser with multiple pages
on single window and fullscreen support (HTML, PDF, PNG, JPEG...)


SplitBrowser is a DONATEWARE that will allows you to display multiple web pages on single window.
You can customize the size of each frame and display window into full screen mode.
It's easy to display enterprise web informations on wall display for example.
NOTA: SplitBrowser will not allow you to download files because it doesn't implement this fonctionnality, it's just a simple web display software.

Step By Step

Tips And Tricks

Here are a few tips and tricks to use :

It's possible to setup an URL reload periodic function

If you want to display SplitBrowser's main window into full screen mode

Since version 0.5.1, you can set the 'Display sleep' in System Preferences and maintain the display content for a period of the day.


[Q]: Where's my log file
Don't worry, since version 0.5.1, SplitBrowser sends these messages directly to the system.
[Q]: How to see SplitBrowser's logs
Very simple, choose 'Log' item into 'File' menu.
[Q]: Is it possible to display something other than HTML?
Yes of course. Because SplitBrowser is a Web-Kit base browser.
You can display HTML, PDF, PNG, JPEG, ... and all that Safari should display ;-)


You need :
Mac OS X 10.5 minimum and Safari installed.


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