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Welcome! Willkommen! Bienvenue! Bienvenido!

JMM Code Park is my software gallery.

You will find on this site the latest versions of my software that I put your available in the hope that they could make your life easier. The Apple platform is my preferred environment but I also make some softwares under Windows, Linux and Unix operating systems.

If you have any questions, wishes, suggestions or otherwise unspecified comments/requirements, feel free to contact me.

If you like my software, feel free to make a donation to my PayPal account, so I could continue to improve the software and keep this site up and running.

Software with GUI

AutomountMaker v1.4.0Plateform logo
Easily mount your shared folders.
AutomounMaker is an easy to use GUI tool (DONATEWARE OS X native Universal Binary) to create scripts that will mount an AFP, FTP, WebDAV(http), NFS or SMB network share.
You can use the script as a Startup Item in your user's session config to automatically mount the given share upon login.
If you use always the same shared volume on your desktop, AutomountMaker is more easy than the classic Connect to Server... proposed by Apple.

If you want to see more about this, go to the sample section. more...
SplitBrowser v0.5.4Plateform logo
WebKit-based browser with multiple pages
on single window and fullscreen support (HTML, PDF, PNG, JPEG...)
SplitBrowser is a DONATEWARE that will allows you to display multiple web pages on single window.
You can customize the size of each frame and display window into full screen mode. It's easy to display enterprise web informations on wall display for example.
NOTA: SplitBrowser will not allow you to download files because it doesn't implement this fonctionnality, it's just a simple web display software.
EuroSwap v1.6.2Plateform logo
A tool to do quick conversions between Europen currencies.
EuroSwap is a DONATEWARE tool to do quick conversions between Europen currencies. You can open twelve windows of conversion, to carry out calculations of VAT and HT. For each window, you choose the precision desired for the operation of conversion, the tax for the calculation of the VAT and the country. more...
SerialReceptor v1.4.5Plateform logo
Capture all data on your serial ports.
Serial Receptor is a DONATEWARE, easy tool to capture all data on your serial ports. With this tool, it's easy to replace your old on line serial printer by a simple PC and save automatically all your data into a rotating buffer file. If your printer is connected to the parallel port, there exists in the trade parallel/serial converters. Replace your on line printer with Serial Receptor :
  • rotating buffer available,
  • freeze view to search string in your data reception,
  • multi com port available,
  • replace LF or CR by CR+LF (useful under UNIX system...)

Software without GUI

zntpdate v0.4.C
An NTP client with special options.
This tool is like ntpdate but I added a feature to make an offset before set system date and time. It is particulary interesting when your system is configured without TIMEZONE and when you could not set nothing else but GMT0. If you are localized into an European Summer Time zone don't forget to set -E option so than one hour will be automatically added in summer. more...


Send your sugestions, reviews and complains to my mail:

News [last 5]


AutomountMaker 1.4.0 successfully passed the first tests under macOS 10.12 Sierra !


I'm pleased to announce my new AutomountMaker version 1.4.0.

WARNING Mac OS X 10.9 minimum required.



The restrictions imposed by sandboxed applications does not allow me to broadcast AutomountMaker v1.4.0 on the AppStore. It will be available on my website next signed with my Apple Developer ID.


AutomountMaker After almost 5 years of calm , a new version 1.4 is in validation stage on the Mac App Store ...


AutomountMaker 1.3.6 available now with new features:

  • WARNING : 10.5 minimum required,
  • This version is fully qualified for 10.6.4,
  • Removed old log features replaced by Apple System Logger (ASL)...